SpyHunter 4 Review – Disinfect Your Computer In One Step

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The immediate impression Spyhunter 4 leaves is that it isn't a conventional anti-virus solution. What it really is though is a malware prevention software that is designed specifically to help computers guard against malicious threats and infections. Quite naturally, it doesn't need much interaction and can work in tandem with an anti-virus program. Just install it and it will do the rest on its own.
Why Use SpyHunter 4
Today malwares have become complicated with many antivirus programs unable to handle the burden of detecting or removing them. A case in point being rootkit malware that embeds itself deep inside the rootkits of an OS where antivirus is toothless. Because of the unique mechanism used by SpyHunter, it actually manages to dig deep into any particular place and uproot malware. It can even alter files, change and remove data based on malware signatures stored in its database.
SpyHunter Key Features
Scanner – The scanner is free to use and is one of the ways Spyhunter 4 shows its efficiency. It does a deep scan of the system going through memory, registry, cookies and so much more. Once done, it highlights anything that may need potential attention so that you can decide what to do next.
HelpDesk – If you are unable to understand something then Spyhunter 4 also lets you contact support staff at any time of the day, answering any queries you may have. It offers a ticket based resolution system and a custom fix option.
System Guards – System Guard of the Spyhunter 4 is quite similar to the Windows Defender in the fact that it keeps watch over the entire system alerting you at times when it does something such as preventing suspicious changes in the registry or blocking malware.
Network Sentry – This comes included in the Settings option and offers complete governanace over system network settings helping stop disruptions. It even has the capability to protect HOST files and stop unauthorized changes to Windows system files.
Scan Scheduler – To scan the entire system, Spyhunter 4 lets you arrange suitable times throughout the day and even in advance so that it works in the background without ever hindering your output.
The Benefits Of SpyHunter
·         A complete rootkit disinfection treatment.
·         Uses a custom OS that stops Windows from starting to successfully tackle rootkit issues that are otherwise prevented from within Windows.
·         Get anytime remote support from customer care department.
·         Ergonomically and intuitively designed control panel.
·         Complete customization depending on user needs.
·         Excellent for keeping sensitive information stored in the system.
·         When the default mechanism of SpyHunter 4 is incapable of addressing an issue, it generates a diagnostic report that is then used by the support staff of SpyHunter for a custom fix.
·         Regular malware definition updates.
·         Exclusion feature prevents Spyhunter 4 from stopping your trusted software.
·         Works with all formats of Windows.
Who Is It For?
Malware finds it easy to penetrate computers connected to a network or the internet. Remote portals, worms, Trojans and plenty of other malware usually populate computers on a daily basis and the integrity of the system is usually suspect even with a decent antivirus in place. Spyhunter 4 is a malware removal tool that works in tandem with any antivirus solution providing complete 360 degree protection against anything that may pose a potential threat to your system.


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